Take your client's transformation and your business to the next level with a deep-dive review into your workshop, course, or program, and receive a detailed report with recommendations for ways to strengthen it.

Is your course ready for a makeover?

 If your answer is anything less than ‘completely confident’, you and your clients deserve better.

With all the hype focusing on marketing, selling and vanity metrics of 10, 50, 100K+  launches, you’d be forgiven for thinking that these are the most important things in online education. 

But are they really? 

You care about your students' experience. And you want to make sure that your clients, who’ve put their trust in you, get incredible results.

Let's change the focus from launching to learning. The real work and the real magic begin when someone signs up and starts their learning with you. 

How do you feel about your course right now? 

Unsure about your content and you find yourself stuffing your program with extra calls, random pdfs and bonuses to demonstrate its value.

Disappointed that students are dropping off or going quiet and you don’t know what's wrong. 

Confused about why your students are struggling to learn and implement what you're teaching.

Frustrated with not knowing how to engage your students, getting low completion rates, and so-so feedback.

Confused about why students are not getting the same results as they did when you were working with them 1:1 and you're tying yourself in knots to give them more and more support to get them results (and hey, wasn't this supposed to be easier than 1:1?)

You may be feeling...

Imagine how good it will feel to get answers to these questions and more, together with the roadmap to better results.

"There were several light bulb moments as we went through the process and it's something that I will be able to repeat time and time again."

- Emma M.

Imagine how good it will feel to get answers to these questions and more, together with the roadmap to better results.

Starting from £997

+ An initial consultation to get clear on your review goals 
+ A deep dive review into your course or program, including: 
  • Learning design and framework 
  • Learning outcomes 
  • How your course is delivered 
  • Lesson optimisation
  • Presentation - media, slides, workbooks etc 
  • Gamification and engagement strategies 
  • Accessibility and inclusion
  • Evaluation and feedback 
+ A comprehensive written report highlighting strengths and recommendations for improvement 
+ A follow-up consultation to guide you through the key recommendations and discuss next steps
+ Email support for one month following your review  

what's included

The Course Review


Take the first step and schedule a connection call where we'll talk about your business and course creation goals, and I'll answer all your questions. I'll then create a unique proposal tailored to you, for your review. 

I'm so looking forward to speaking with you. Click the button below and let's get your course makeover started. 

You receive your in-depth report of your course's strengths together with recommendations and strategies for improvement. We're available for up to one month afterwards to support you to implement the changes. 

full REport & follow-up

You provide all relevant materials and access to your course or program, then sit back for between 2-3 weeks while we work our review magic.

Deep Dive review

We'll have an initial meeting to get completely clear on your goals for the review and create a plan together. 

Initial meeting

How does it work?

— Gary Minnitt, Director of Accreditation

What do you look for in a professional provider? The right blend of experience and knowledge and professional and human qualities. Such a telling and effective combination is rare in a crowded marketplace but Sarah Howling has all this in abundance.

Sarah was an excellent school leader. At the heart of an effective leader is a great teacher. Sarah continues adapting and deploying those carefully crafted teaching skills now in her work as a coach, mentor and consultant to great effect.

Sarah works very well with others. She listens actively, she’s empathetic and she’s flexible. Her work will be about you – your context, your needs, your issues. She tailors her support so her skilful advice will be made-to measure and fit for purpose.

Sarah certainly knows her stuff and she is also an absolute joy to work. The best teachers put others before themselves to create the conditions in which truly effective and long-lasting learning can take place and she does.

What people are saying:

We're confident we can help. But if your course turns out to be incredible already and we can’t offer any recommendations for improvement, we will congratulate you, share this through a testimonial, and will happily give you a full refund.
No questions asked. 

Money Back Guarantee

...can discover how to get better, more consistent results, create a community of raving students, and increase your impact and income, doing what you love. 

I created the Course Review so you...

I’m Dr. Sarah Howling, the Learning Catalyst and Strategist.

I’ve created and run workshops, programs, and courses covering every type of audience: executives, undergrads, MBAs, children, busy professionals, entrepreneurs and more – online and in-person.

I’ve designed and led everything from 30 minute workshops to year-long intensives, in locations ranging from Scotland to Dubai and London to Shanghai. I’ve created and delivered training on diverse topics – from nutrition to negotiation, confidence to coaching, and mediation to mindfulness.  

Over the last 25 years I've evaluated 1000s of programs and courses – celebrating strengths, providing recommendations for improvement, and supporting development. 

And most importantly, I can do the same for you. 

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