Ready to create engaging and inclusive workshops, courses and programs that get results? 

The Course Creation Collaboration

Our Course Creation Collaboration package is a done-with-you service where we support you every step of the way in bringing your program to life. No more guessing, procrastinating, or overwhelm.

Just ease, flow, and a brilliant course! 

Wish there was someone to sit beside you and guide you through the process of creating a brilliant and profitable program? 

A trusty, knowledgeable, and experienced mentor to cheer you on and give you everything you need to succeed?

There is! 

You’ve got this amazing idea but feel at a complete loss about how to actually develop and design a program or course.

You’ve watched free masterclasses or bought a course teaching you to create a course (how meta!) only to find they’re 95% marketing, sales, and launching, with only 5% (if you’re lucky) about actually creating the program. 

You’re a brilliant coach or service provider and get results for clients 1:1 but realise that getting them for a group is a different thing entirely and you’d love to learn how.

You’ve planned out some modules yet here you are, meeting yourself coming backwards as you attempt to decide what to include and in what order.

You want to create new offers (memberships, courses, live programs, group coaching) but do it in a way that doesn’t take over your life.

You’re not sure how to develop creative resources, how to present your materials, or how to engage your students effectively.

You recognise that doing things right, rather than piecemeal, will save you time and trouble in the long run.

And after courses, freebies, and googling, you’re realising that there’s more to creating a course than writing all you know on Post-it notes, choosing a platform, recording some videos, and throwing in a bonus for good measure.  


"Sarah's approach and vibe is wonderful to work with and I would and will recommend her to anyone that I know that wants to create a course or program that will stand the test of time in the online space."

— Zoe, Zoe Rodger Coaching

It’s time to say goodbye to the ‘stuck and struggling’ DIY method with The Course Creation Collaboration
done-with-you program. 

No guesswork, no doubting yourself, no stress. Just a clear framework and unwavering support to reach your big, bold, course creation goals.

Knowing how to create powerful learning experiences that increase retention, reduce complaints and refund requests, and maximise learning. 

Getting your clients the results you’ve promised them, building a community of raving fans and recurring revenue streams. 

Becoming known as the go-to online educator who cares deeply about their students AND gets them results. 


  • A half-day strategy session to get started. We’ll get clear on your goals for your course or program and create the action plan to follow during our coaching together.
  • 1:1 supportive and bespoke coaching and mentoring sessions guiding you step by step through the creation process.
  • Reviews and feedback on your course map, lessons, and materials.
  • Access to relevant training and resources in The Learning Design Co. vault to support you, ensuring you not only develop everything you need to build your programme now, but also get comfortable and confident to apply new knowledge and skills to future projects.
  • Plenty of ideas regarding inclusive and engaging teaching and learning strategies that you can use straight away.
  • A clear understanding of the transformation for your clients, so you can start developing your marketing message with ease.
  • Mindset and energy work to help build your confidence and clear anything that might stand in your way. 
  • WhatsApp support so that you can check in and ask questions when things crop up.

what's included

The Course Creation Collaboration

I’ll take you step-by-step through our 7D Course Creation process and together we’ll design the course of your dreams! 

This is a done-with-you service where I support you every step of the way in bringing your program to life. You can be sure of my absolute focus and dedication to you and your course creation goals.

How long we'll work together depends on the stage you're at in your program creation journey but it's likely to be between 4 - 6 months with prices starting from £3600. 

Take the first step and schedule a connection call where we'll talk about your business and course creation goals, and I'll answer all your questions. From there, I will create a unique proposal tailored to you, for your review. 

I'm so looking forward to speaking with you. Click the button below and let's see how we can create magic together. 

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- Emma, Emma Middleton Business Solutions

- Emma, Emma Middleton Business Solutions 

"Wow – I was taken on a such a journey! I was immediately put at ease while we discussed my plans and we drilled down into what I was hoping to achieve. I was helped to recognise that I was trying to cram so much in that I was going to massively overwhelm everyone and we stripped it back together to identify the key areas.

We then travelled step by step through the Learning Design Co. process, identifying what I needed to include to help me deliver fantastic learning for my clients. We discussed each step in turn and I was given inspiring ideas of how I can make it work practically and use resources to support the learning. There were several light bulb moments as we went through the process and it is something that I will be able to repeat time and time again."

What clients are saying:

My name is Dr. Sarah Howling and I’m a learning catalyst and strategist. I believe that learning has the power to change lives and make a positive difference in the world. 

And the people I work with believe this too. You love what you do and you want to make an impact and an income. 

After a 25 year career in education I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2019. Working online I saw lots of marketing and sales advice, and programs that encouraged people to package their skills into courses to scale their business. But no one was talking about the design of the actual programs.

As a life-long learner, I'm a bit of a course junkie. In taking these courses, I could see very clearly the tweaks that would vastly improve the client experience, help embed learning, get better completion rates, and faster, more transformational results.

All the things you need to grow your business.

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