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How can a Learning Designer help me? (You might just be surprised…)

October 21, 2022

I can't believe it took me 10 years to read this book. I feel so seen! Yay to harnessing the quiet power of the introvert.

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I'm Sarah, The Learning Strategist and Catalyst. I'm here to help you create high quality workshops, courses, and programmes that get results.  

Meet Sarah

Sarah Thinks...

At The Learning Design Co. we’ve been living and breathing learning and teaching for over 25 years. We’ve created and run workshops, programmes and courses covering every type of audience: executives, undergrads, MBAs, children, busy professionals, entrepreneurs and more, online and in-person. 

And we love it! 

We are passionate about supporting business owners and organisations to design, teach, and facilitate brilliant workshops, courses, and programmes. 

But you may be wondering, so what?  Well, there are 5 core reasons our clients choose to work with us: 

1. We help you to create better learning experiences for your clients. 

Following a proven process to design your workshop, course, or programme will equip you with best practices for creating learning materials and activities that help your students acquire and retain new knowledge or skills (and do so in an engaging, enjoyable way).

You’ll improve course completion, student satisfaction, and gain an army of raving fans!

2. We help you to build confidence and enjoyment in your teaching and facilitation.

Once you learn some core fundamentals about learning design and teaching,  you’ll be able to show up more consistently, authentically and confidently.

AND you’ll also build your confidence to sell your programme because you know it’s designed on evidence-based techniques, as opposed to you guessing what ‘may’ work or doing what ‘might’ feel good. 

3. We help you save time. Our knowledge, skills, and learning design models take the guesswork (and trial and error) out of course creation.

We help you get to the best possible outcome with the least effort. 

4. We help you get inspired.

Our learning design process can help you come up with ideas for educational materials and engaging activities — not just talking head videos and worksheets (cue: yawns and eye rolls). 

We’ll help you stand out from the crowd – #nomoreboring on our watch! 

5. We ultimately help you to grow a wildly successful business.

There’s so much talk about course launches and sales and very little about course completion.

A brilliantly designed programme based on evidence-based, tried and tested foundations will lead to positive student experiences that will result in rave reviews, returning customers, referrals, and improved bottom-line results.

Want to know more? 

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